Enterprise multi store solution. Create and manage all your e-commerce stores in one central place.



Get started with blugento shop factory and bring your Magento stores to a new performance level.


Blugento shop factory allows you to create and manage multiple Magento stores in one place. You can create hundreds or even thousands of stores with a few clicks. 

Create shops for your resellers, franchisees, product lines, brands, countries or your marketing agency clients. 

Fast store creation

Central user and role management for all stores

From a single place manage all the users and their user roles for each store. 

You can even transfer the rights of ownership for each store if you want to sell it to another party. 

Central reporting

Soon to come is our central reporting for your stores. 

You will be able to see all the key performance metrics across all of your stores in one centralised dashboard. 

Cloud scalability and 

fast performance

Our cloud based infrastructure and continuous integration process brings the Magento performance to a whole new level. 

The deployment and testing of new features is so much faster and easier. Your developers will love it. 


The central code repository speeds up the code maintenance and lowers the onboarding barriers for new developers in your team.

Central Repository

Just with a few clicks you can create new versions of your stores, revert back to older versions or create backups.

Versions, Back-up and Restore

The blugento shop factory allows for fast experimentation. Create multiple shop variants and compare their performance.

New features A/B Testing

All your stores are reachable with a single click. No need to login again and again. 

Single Sign on

The deployment of new features has been never faster and easier through cloud hosting and continuous integration.

Fast new features deployment

Central Extension Management

The management of extensions has never been easier. Manage and update your modules in one place. 



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Yes it is possible to set up the shop factory on your own servers but the implementation is more costly. Please contact us to discuss custom options. 

Can I run the shop factory on our servers?

Yes we offer migration services. They are part of the factory setup process. 

Do you offer migration services?


Yes the factory works with both Magento 1 and 2. During the setup we will also assist you with the upgrade on Magento 2.

Does it work with Magento 2?

This depends on the complexity of your current setup and your customization requirements. It can take from a few days to multiple weeks. 

How long does it take to set up the factory?

Yes the blugento shop factory works with Magento Community edition.

Are you supporting Magento Community edition?

Currently not. However, we can offer you a free demo session and requirements assessment. 

Do you offer free trial?


Help your clients to launch stores and scale their e-commerce activities with our shop factory. Blugento partner program is designed for agencies, consultants and companies who serve clients with advanced e-commerce needs.

The blugento shop factory is designed and developed by a certified Magento development team based in Leipzig, Germany and fulfills the requirements of enterprise clients. 

Made by certified Magento development team.

Streamline and optimize your stores

with the blugento shop factory

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